Let The Sun Shine In

Natural light brings warmth to your living spaces. Northern Window carries a full range of Velux skylights including venting and fixed options.

Quality Where it Counts

Velux Skylights use an advanced silicone sealant to form an impenetrable barrier between the glass and the frame which will last the lifetime of the skylight.

High Impact and Snowload glass options are available to withstand even the toughest weather conditions. An advanced LoE3 coating and argon gas injection offers superior UV-protection and thermal insulation.

Energy Efficiency

Natural light reduces the need for electric lighting during the daytime, reducing energy costs.

Vented skylights allow you to take advantage of passive air circulation. When opened, warm air will rise and exhaust outside, and fresh air will be drawn inside.

Our Supplier

Northern Window is proud to carry a range of Velux skylights.


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