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Fiberglass windows are both durable and environmentally friendly. They offer great thermal protection for your home and fiberglass windows are virtually maintenance free.

High durability, low maintenance

Fiberglass by its nature is highly resistant to problems like warping, cracking, rotting, shrinking, bowing that effect other window materials. Even when used in harsh or corrosive climates fiberglass remains strong ( Up to 9 times stronger than vinyl, 5 times stronger than aluminum and 3 times stronger than wood  ). This inherit durability and resistance to the elements means that fiberglass is effective in even extreme climates with a minimum amount of maintenance.

Energy Efficient Thermal Barrier

Being a natural insulator means fiberglass forms a strong thermal barrier and keeps the weather where it should be. Because fiberglass is made largely form glass, it expands and contracts at roughly the same rate as the panels it contains. This helps resist glass seal failure, meaning fiberglass windows stay energy efficient over a longer lifespan than other materials.

Sustainable, Eco-Friendly

Fiberglass windows are made from sustainable silica sand. Silica sand is both abundant, and readily available almost everywhere. In addition to their sustainable manufacturing, fiberglass windows maintain their performance throughout a long product life. This means you'll spend less money and energy by replacing your windows less often.

Our Fiberglass Window Suppliers

Northern Window is proud to provide low maintenance, sustainable fiberglass from Armaclad Windows & Doors.

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