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Aluminum window’s weight to strength ratio and large selection of color choices allows for the widest variety of window configurations. Aluminum windows are perfect for highly custom and light commercial window installations.


Aluminum windows are very durable due to their high strength. They are as much as 3 times stronger than vinyl and more than 50 times as strong as wood. This high durability and strength of aluminum windows makes them viable even in inclement weather conditions or high wind. In additional to its strength aluminum is resistant to shrinking, splits, cracks, swelling and rusting.

Very Versatile

Aluminum windows come in the widest variety of color choices and are paintable. Their high strength to weight ratio allows them to be used in many large or custom configurations. Aluminum windows weight to strength ratio also allows aluminum windows to use a thinner frame, for maximum views. This level of design versatility makes aluminum windows an excellent choice for custom or light commercial applications.

Noise Abatement

The high density of aluminum means that it reduces more noise than its vinyl and wood counterparts. This superior level of noise reduction makes aluminum advantageous in homes located near airports, trains, busy highways, freeways, or light commercial projects where high levels of noise may be distracting or disruptive to business.

Our Aluminum Window Suppliers

Northern Window installs Quaker Windows & Doors for aluminum applications.

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