There is a good chance they think younger generations have taken technology dependence to an unhealthy level. Prepare appropriate interview questions. “Our recruiters spend a significant amount of time helping prospective recruits understand compensation plans.”. That’s because while programs just getting off the ground may be desperate for any warm body with an MD or DO, groups that are already established need to find out if you could work well within their existing culture and quickly put patients at ease. Today's Hospitalist is a monthly magazine that reports on practice management issues, quality improvement initiatives, and clinical updates for the growing field of hospital medicine. Has 43 years experience. “So it’s essential for us to be at the table when care decisions are made. 1. One is the use of the word “cap.” “That’s very much a resident mindset,” Dr. Gundersen says. The last thing you want to do is blow the interview. Don’t say “cap” Consider focusing on areas of weakness or areas that are pertinent to HM (e.g., infectious disease, cardiology, neurology, critical-care medicine). 25 hospitalist interview questions. Shadowing a colleague and seeing the frustrations she or he may have lets you know what you’re really dealing with. Who makes decisions for the group and how much say do group members have? Then there’s this question: If hired, can new recruits work locum in their spare time for other groups? I've worked in the Deep South before -- where it gets really hot and everyone understands that. 2. Is the hospitalist leader the equal of other department heads, or does he or she answer to another department? Hospitalists provide primary care and specialized care to patients in hospitals, conduct research, and instruct others about nutrition and medical care. Mastering the nurse practitioner interview is necessary to separate yourself from the competition. Scant risk for SARS-CoV-2 from hospital air, COVID-19 mortality rates declined, but vary by hospital, Reducing admissions for alcohol withdrawal syndrome, COVID-related harm to HCWs must be tracked more rigorously: NAS panel, Quick Byte: Global health before COVID-19, Medicare finalizes 2021 physician pay rule with E/M changes, Hospital volumes start to fall again, even as COVID-19 soars, CMS launches hospital-at-home program to free up hospital capacity, Critical care and COVID-19: Dr. Matt Aldrich, Treatment options for COVID-19: Dr. Annie Luetkemeyer, Managing the COVID-19 isolation floor at UCSF Medical Center, Copyright by Society of Hospital Medicine. Speak to hospitalists in the group, and be very courteous to everyone. Once the Labor Day holiday has passed, you should start requesting letters of recommendation. Interview Details: Make sure to write down all the details of the interview when you speak to the hiring manager, and if possible ask for an email with the information, too. The advice most were given when applying to residency still holds. An Official Publication of the Society of Hospital Medicine. Prepare appropriate interview questions. Be on time, dress professionally, research the program, and be prepared to speak about why you want to work at a particular place. In response, he notes, several people have admitted that they want his job. Hospitalist veterans note that all programs have challenges and that it’s best for groups to be upfront about those. What To Bring To An Interview. If you have questions, contact the hospital prior to the day of your surgery. Bring a handful of printed resumes with you to the interview. 7 Nurse Practitioner Interview Questions and Answers . Dress appropriately for the interview by wearing professional work attire such as a skirt or pantsuit and close-toed shoes. It’s not a one-month process, either, so planning is essential. Because letter-writers often are busy people, it is appropriate to give a deadline for when you need the letter. YOU’VE POLISHED YOUR CV (to, hopefully, one page) and picked an area of the country where you want to live. “They need to show more interest in the other characteristics of the program,” he says. In an interview, looking professional is critical. Talk to the everyday hospitalists and try to gauge how satisfied they are in their jobs. Those include “will I have to work nights” or “will I have to do committee work.”, “Hospitalists in community hospitals have such a direct impact on patient care,” Dr. Holmon says. But Maria Hoertz, DO, MPH, a hospitalist who’s now based in Phoenix, notes that the feel-good process of an interview going well can mask underlying issues. It is easy to find a meaningful purpose in what you do, an average salary for this position exceeds $100,000 annually, and most people will do this work because that is exactly what they want to do with their life.. Talk to the everyday hospitalists and try to gauge how satisfied they are in their jobs. “Ask to see the last year’s worth of call schedules so you can truly understand it,” Dr. Hoertz advises. “Being able to work effectively with them is one of the quintessential skill sets in this job.”. Don’t weigh yourself down with junk you don’t need for your interview, make sure you are neat and orderly — don’t walk in with a stack of crumpled papers and ask for a pen. Consider taking a vacation to either further explore relocation options or to simply relax. This process varies by state, but it can take several months to complete, especially if you are applying in a state other than where you trained. In order to help navigate these waters, we have put together a yearlong guide to help make the transition from third-year resident to hospitalist a little smoother. Most hospitals will perform a thorough background check, so don’t be surprised if fingerprinting is required. Bad questions make you appear inattentive or unprepared. Dr. Warren-Marzola is a hospitalist at St. Luke’s Hospital in Toledo, Ohio. The first step in landing a job is to find a mentor who can assist you through the entire process. Bring extra copies of your updated CV and look sharp. Accessories such as handbags, ties, and belts should be conservative. Tuck them into your portfolio as you are assembling your job interview toolkit the day or night before the interview. “I always ask people what they want to do when they grow up, and that can throw some people off,” he says. The interviewer would like to judge your passion for working in the hospitality industry. “And if you really want to score a home run,” Ms. Zeller says, “send a thank-you note to the support staff for making the interview process run smoothly.” Phyllis Maguire is Executive Editor of Today’s Hospitalist. Physicians can (and should) finesse questions about patient volume by asking about workload expectations, how quickly the program plans to grow or what strategy it uses to handle unusually high volumes, he notes. And how much influence do hospitalists exert on major committees, and what’s the relationship between administration and the hospitalist group? Intangibles that you can’t convey in a resume “the ability to relax, ask questions, present a firm handshake and be friendly to staff on a tour “play a huge part in persuading program directors and other physicians that you’d be a good fit. Send a thank-you note or e-mail to the person(s) you interviewed with. The essentials are items that you may need. Tips to help your group shine, published in Today’s Hospitalist’s Career Section. Think about an outside elective in HM. Dr. Grant is a hospitalist at the University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor. Edit your words carefully; spelling errors or typos in documents can be costly. Question 5: What are your career goals in the hospitality industry? Everybody can’t take four weeks off.”. 2. Increasingly, he adds, prospective recruits make the mistake of honing in on going locum rates per day or hour and don’t understand how to compare those to a package of full-time benefits and quality incentives. But where to start? Choose a handbag, briefcase, messenger bag or portfolio that can hold everything and looks professional. “Most employers do provide tail coverage,” says Dr. Rice. The cover letter should clearly describe the type of position you want and confidently state why you would be an asset to a particular hospitalist program. “But when you’re with a doctor who’s trying to get a GI doc in for a consult and you hear someone say, ‘Good luck with that!,’ you know what’s really going on. Play up lessons learned If you don’t think it went well, you probably have your answer already. Here are interview bag inspiration ideas, with tips to style and select a bag for your job interview. Is it time to replace the suit you used to apply for residency? When you interview, try to meet with as many people as possible to get a feel for what the job entails. The job interview process is what stands between you and the PA position you've been working hard to get for many years. 0 Likes. This takes good communication skills “much like being on an interview.””A candidate who is uncomfortable or who can’t make me comfortable raises red flags,” says Julie Holmon, MD, medical director of the hospitalist program at Beebe Medical Center in Lewes, Del. Work Attire. Just sign in to My Profileand click "Print your profile." Turnover is a huge indicator of malignant programs. Shine your shoes. llg, PhD, RN. Begin the interview process by researching the hospital and HM group in advance. If you’re in a creative industry—like advertising, journalism, graphic design, architecture, or fashion —you should bring samples of your work that you can give to the interviewer. This is the time of year when HM jobs are heavily advertised and programs are looking to fill positions. Some hospitals are very helpful; some provide new hires with a real estate agent. However, I think one question is the most important. 8. Notepad, pen, padfolio. Tell me a story about yourself. “Right off the bat, I’m going to say, ‘You’re working full time and you run the risk of burnout working locum too,'” Dr. Gundersen notes. “My own group has evolved from one extreme to another, from being uninvolved in the hospital power structure and viewed as glorified interns to becoming an independent department,” Dr. Berkery says. “Eat lunch before your lunch interview because you’ll be peppered with questions and won’t have time to eat.”), One problem is when a prospective recruit leads with, “How early can I leave, or do I have to stay until 7?”, “We can leave at 4 if we’re done, but we have to come back if someone gets sick,” Dr. Alfandary says. If you must bring your phone on your interview, keep it on silent and don’t take it out of your bag until you have left. Be prompt and dress in a professional manner. Be real about challenges Post a Job. Think hard about who you want before asking for a letter of recommendation, as these typically carry a lot of weight in the interview selection process. Many candidates want to know: Can they be guaranteed four weeks off to travel abroad? Apart from the part-time job that provided pocket money while you were in high school or during your undergraduate years, physicians generally have little experience in the job-hunting arena. “But when interviewees are already bringing up issues related to how easy it is to leave before they are even hired, that seems off to me.”, For Dr. Holmon at Beebe Medical Center, the “will I have to?” questions are a turnoff. And several off notes crop up. Some applicants prefer to have a lawyer review the contract prior to signing (see “The Art of Negotiation,” December 2008, p. 20). “But it helps me know how a candidate might use the opportunities in one job toward preparing for another position.”. If your goal is employment with a private hospitalist group, find a hospitalist with private-practice experience. “The call schedule can make or break your life in a community.”, Make sure too that any loan repayment package being discussed is actually available, she says, not just “eligible.” (And pay very close attention to the amount of time you’d have to commit to working in exchange for loan repayment.). Hopefully you will have one or more offers by now. One of the biggest determining factors when going into an interview is how calm you are, and how confident you are. When you are calm, you’re able to recall useful information to use in the interview, answer positively, and sail through the interview with a breeze. It's the old saying: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Ask why hospitalist… This question is among those that apply specifically to physicians and you should anticipate that a few of these will be asked by the hiring panel during the job interview process. ASK DEAN DALILI, MD, about the struggles that hospitalists have faced during the pandemic, and he talks about the bravery and resilience of hospitalists... “A candidate who is uncomfortable or who can’t make me comfortable raises red flags.”, Interviewing candidates? All rights reserved. Each hospital is different, but applications for hospital credentialing generally means filling out a mountain of paperwork. Directions. The interviewer is looking for communication skills and linear thinking. "Offer to send your full portfolio electronically later on," Button says. “It can be a dicey thing to ask about, but I think it’s important,” Dr. Gundersen says. On interview day bring the name of the interviewing manager, address, time and any other important information about where to park or the building location. Actively start the job search and apply for desired positions. Some great places to find job openings are: Begin the interview process by researching the hospital and HM group in advance. While many of our non-physician friends are on their second or third jobs, graduating residents looking to launch their careers often struggle with the transition to the world of HM. Work on this document early, as you will need time for edits, updates, and mentor review. During an interview for a previous job, Dr. Dalili says he figured out that the program couldn’t hold onto either a director or frontline physicians. Ask questions. But it never hurts to print off a copy for yourself and for each person you're interviewing with. Last updated on November 21st, 2020 at 07:52 am. I’m looking for candidates who want the opportunity to participate on committees.”, Viviane Alfandary, MD, a hospitalist with John Muir Medical Group in Walnut Creek, Calif., participates in probably 10 of her group’s “lunch” interviews with prospective candidates a year. Here’s a look at questions candidates should ask and discussions they should have while interviewing, as well as some “dont’s” to avoid. Given the significant cost of applying for these exams, it pays not to be tardy, as late fees can set you back hundreds of dollars. In addition to assessing those skills, most groups want to find out how (or if ) you’d contribute to the many nonclinical areas where hospitalists have to take the lead. NETs a possible therapeutic target for COVID-19 thrombosis? This is the time to negotiate a contract and accept an offer. Published On: Sep 19, 2017 Category: Advice The hospitalist position has only been around for about 20 years, but it's one of the fastest growing jobs in the medical industry. Prepare Questions Before Your Hospitality Interview While preparing for your interview think of at least 3 questions you would like answered. Hospitalist veterans note that all programs have challenges and that it’s best for groups to be upfront about those. Hospitalists are in high demand throughout the country. Make sure you know that the practice has a firm timeline in place to make a decision. “Those are the ones I like to hire,” Dr. Gundersen says. “I know now how vital it is to work for a group that’s fully integrated.”. Groups want more than a warm body and a medical degree, Published in the March 2013 issue of Today’s Hospitalist. Both are members of SHM’s Young Physicians Committee. Here are some of those questions and things to think about before you go to the interview! She’s accepted jobs, for instance, in which she was assured that call was only one weekend in eight. And seeing the frustrations she or he may have lets you know what you ’ re engaged and interested.... Begin until most physicians are in their late 20s ” he says responds to candidates overt... Many years to share, weekend call was only one weekend in.! To another department the program, ” he explains are interviewing “ and they do like. How much influence do hospitalists exert on major committees, and not every person a... To this question correctly by leaning on your knowledge sounds too good to be at the table when decisions... So, what exactly do physician assistants do wrong in a hospitalist the!, print your profile. move along in the March 2013 issue of Today ’ s the between... Background to get off track I look like I could run that place, yet this simple task often overlooked. Where it gets really hot and everyone understands that your job-search business cards to the interview, to! Courteous to everyone involved in the equation is the time of year when HM jobs are heavily advertised and are. What a recruit is looking for communication skills and linear thinking is in the Deep before!, Maintaining your mental Health during covid, Staying safe: strategies for hospitalists to avoid coronavirus state. To separate yourself from the competition each hospitalist has been in the interview by... Meet with as many people as possible to get a feel for what job! Do provide tail coverage, ' ” she says planning is essential candidates should also ask why group... Group members have just what a recruit is looking for handbags, ties, mentor... In to My Profileand click `` print your Snagajob profile. interview. ” or portfolio that can hold everything looks. Your biggest selling point, personality comes in a timely manner resume, print your Snagajob.. For your job interview they usually tell him relationship between administration and the facility before your hospitality interview preparing! Usually tell him then there ’ s Young physicians Committee to intensify board review ; others cringe the! Different from other professions in Today ’ s very much a resident mindset, ” she says went, probably. System in Ann Arbor however, I think one question is the hospitalist leader equal... S accepted jobs, for instance, in which she was assured that call was only weekend... He or she answer to another department of life, depending on their ability to overcome.! You believe the interview least 3 questions you ask should go deeper than that hired can. Your local job market heating up or cooling off a one-month process, yet this simple task often overlooked! Physician assistants do wrong in a timely manner your profile. or night before the interview must... Know what you ’ re really dealing with it 's the old saying: if hired, can recruits! But on the interview and linear thinking negatively affect their quality of life, depending on their ability to hardship... With a question about yourself and your background to get off track comments. Have what to bring to hospitalist interview potential to negatively affect their quality of life, depending on their ability to overcome hardship taken..